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Gore is an ARPG, inspired by Diablo and DOOM, where you control a lone adventurer who must stop the demons invading our world through a local town’s dungeons.

There are multiple endingseaster eggs, and also risks, because you have to decide innocent locals’ fates.

The game contains gore.

(Keep in mind that I don’t want to give too much information because that may ruin the experience.)


Hordes of demons invade a local town’s dungeons, and it’s up to you to stop them…

but in the depths of the catacombs you find locals, pleading for their life…

and it’s up to you to seal their fate

and find the source of the demonic invasion.


  • Dwell deeper and deeper into the catacombs of a local town, until you find the source of the demonic invasion.
  • Unchain the enslaved villagers from the dungeons, and choose their fate: lead them to the entrance or sacrifice them on an altar.
  • Who knows what can they give you for their freedom…
  • Who knows what the demonic deities can give you for their lives…


Use WASD to move.

Use left mouse button to attack and interact,

and hold right mouse button to block.

Use ALT + F4 to quit.

What I couldn’t accomplish:

Ranged combat,

Not just 10 minutes for level design on Level 2,

Level 3, with a unique boss fight,

Menu, introfancier ending,

Not just a scene restart when the player dies,

More polished melee combat,

More easter eggs, voice acting, more complex music, and many more…


If you are interested in my other projects (like Aeldun, my diablo-like RPG), post mortems, etc, follow me on YouTube ( http://bit.do/tudvari ), or on any other social platform.

Thanks for reading. :)

The browser version has some glitches, please use a standalone on. Thanks.

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GoreMac.zip 35 MB

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