A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The inhabitants of a (haunted) mansion are living their life just as usual:

  • they are doing their favourite activities, like watching TV
  • and they talk to each other about stuff... like their likes and dislikes
  • and while doing this, their relation with each other change and change.

And this is where you come in:

  • You must manipulate the activities by breaking them and framing someone, or by repairing them
  • If they hate someone enough, they are starting to get agressive! (making traps, picking up lethal weapons, like ... furnitures...)
  • and your final goal is to KILL EVERYONE before it dawns! (the last person commits suicide))

You gain score if hate is generated, and you spend score by breaking and repairing activites.

Can you finish the job before dawn, and earn the most points?

Here's the post mortem if you're interested :)


Linux build: 


Mac build:



Made by Áron Gere, Tibor Udvari, Viktor Makki under a few days for Community Game Jam 2019.


Just a prank.zip 21 MB

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